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Ways to Get a Lower Interest on a Car Loan

Interest Rate

Even if you’re a well-qualified buyer you could still be in the dark about “How can I lower my car loan interest rate?” Here at Acura of Ocean the finance experts are here to help you make smart budget decisions! From enlisting a cosigner to refinancing your loan, there are different ways to get a lower interest rate on auto loans. Read along and get ready to save by learning how you can lower your car loan’s interest rate.



Lowering the Interest Rate on a Car Loan

Ka-ching? Can you hear the savings? Let’s do the research to discover about how to get a lower interest rate on a car loan, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Check your credit score: You could delay checking it. It’s an uncomfortable chore but it must be done before applying for financing to re-applying for financing. This will benefit knowing all the available interest rates.
  2. Boost your credit score: It seems an impossible goal but with effort it will be to your advantage.
  3. Consider Refinancing Your Loan: Are you a Red Bankdriver looking to upgrade? It’s good to know the average range of interest rates for your credit score so you can find a loan that’s suitable for your situation. If possible, try to compare current and available payment terms between several lenders and even ask your current lender for a lower rate. A refusal doesn’t mean all is lost. Tell them that you’ve received lower interest rate offers from other lenders and see if they’ll accept or surpass that offer.
  4. Enlist a cosigner: Ask a friend or family member to cosign so you get a lower interest rate on auto loans. This will help secure a ride with confidence.
  5. Consider in-house financing: Dealerships are usually more flexible than banks. If you are interested and make consistent and timely payments, this will gradually increase your credit score.

Good Interest Rate Based on Your Credit Score?

So we explained how to get a lower interest rate on a car loan. Let’s take a look at a good interest rate for your credit score. They typically range on average from 3.2% to 12.9%. These potential ranges are the estimated interest rates based on you with your credit score:

  • 800 – 740: 3.2% interest rate (on average)
  • 739 – 680: 4.5% interest rate (on average)
  • 680 and below: 6.5% – 12.9% (on average)

Financing Your Acura Car Loan in Acura of Ocean

Is it clear now how to get a lower interest rate on auto loans? If not, contact our finance team members at Acura of Ocean! We’re assist customers from Freehold to Asbury Park secure an interest rate that make your automotive experience like no other We were to help with your car buying journey.Feel free to browse our inventory of new and pre-owned models Meet us and find your next ride!


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