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How Much is a Transmission?

Transmission Cross Section Close-Up


Are in the market for a new transmission but not sure about the transmission cost? Many Freehold drivers do not know how much a transmission costs until they absolutely need one. At Acura of Ocean in Ocean, we can provide you with that information so you have an idea of what you might expect to pay. So how much is a transmission? On average, transmission costs range from $1,800 to $3,400 for brand-new parts. However, that is without including the cost of labor, taxes, and associated fees. Find out the answer to, “How much does a transmission cost?” and what it does down below.

What Does the Transmission Do?

You’re not the only Asbury Park driver who isn’t sure what a transmission does. Honestly, your vehicle would not be operational without a transmission, it’s the most crucial part of your engine. Your transmission delivers power to each of your tires regardless of your drivetrain. When you shift gears, the transmission and engine disconnect to adjust to the drive position you just put your vehicle in. If you’re sporting an automatic transmission vehicle in Red Bank, then the transmission will sense change and automatically adjust your torque distribution to deliver a smooth acceleration. 

How to Lengthen the Life of Your Transmission

Now that we’ve answered, “How much is a transmission?” It’s important to note when you purchase a new transmission you’ll want to do everything to ensure it works properly for a long time. Here are a few ways to create longevity with your transmission: 

  • Check the Transmission Fluid: Dirty or low fluid can be a common issue. Check your transmission fluid on a monthly basis or visit our service center
  • Schedule Routine Service: As part of your routine maintenance, your transmission should be serviced every 30,000 miles. 
  • Add Another Filter to the Cooler Line: Every vehicle’s transmission has a filer that catches debris and dirt. It is helpful to invest in a second filter to act as a second line of defense to keep the fluid more clean. 

Get Your Transmission Serviced at Acura of Ocean

Since you’re familiar with the transmission cost, check out our parts store online and order parts for your transmission. If you’re having more difficulties with your transmission before the 30,000 mile mark, contact us today at Acura of Ocean near Red Bank.

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