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What Happens if You Put Diesel in a Regular Car?

It happens quite often – a driver mistakenly puts diesel fuel in the gas tank of a regular car. If this happens, don’t panic. What happens if you put diesel in a regular car? The team at Acura of Ocean has the answer if you are in this surprisingly common situation.

What to Do

We all have busy schedules, so it’s no surprise that in the hustle and bustle of daily life, some drivers accidentally fill their tanks with diesel instead of regular gasoline. So, what should you do if this happens to you? 

First of all, DO NOT start the engine. This will draw the diesel fuel into the engine. Gasoline engines are not able to combust diesel fuel, so you will only be able to travel a few miles before your engine shuts down. Your vehicle will need to be towed to a nearby Freehold service center so that the fuel system can be drained.

The gas tank will need to be emptied first. If the vehicle has been driven, a service center will have to remove all of the diesel fuel from the fuel lines, the injectors, and the fuel rail. If that does not completely solve the problem, a skilled technician may have to further take components of the system apart to solve the issue. This can be an extensive and costly process, but it is possible.

Will Diesel Fuel Damage My Vehicle?

Because diesel fuel is denser, it can clog up a gasoline engine. Fortunately, there is little risk of damage to your vehicle if you happen to mistakenly fill it with diesel fuel. It is unlikely that this will harm the injectors, seals or other components. Since the vehicle is not able to run on diesel, you will probably not have to worry about damage to the catalytic converter. 

What’s the Difference Between Diesel and Regular Gas?

Although diesel fuel and gasoline are made up of the same chemical foundation, there are a few differences. What is diesel fuel and what’s the difference between diesel and regular gas? Acura of Ocean has the scoop.

  • Diesel fuel is much denser than gasoline. This means that there is more mass in the same volume. 
  • Because diesel fuel is about 14 percent heavier, there is approximately 14 percent more energy in a gallon of diesel fuel vs. a gallon of regular gasoline. 
  • It is actually a bigger issue if you put regular gasoline in a diesel vehicle. Diesel fuel is also considered a lubricant, so if you use regular gas when you are not supposed to, it does not allow the fuel injector pump to be properly lubricated. 
  • Gasoline detonates earlier, so when it is wrongly added to a diesel vehicle, it can cause engine knocking, misfiring, and damage. This could lead to even more costly repairs.

Learn More with Acura of Ocean

Now that you know what happens if you put diesel in a regular car, you know how to prevent further damage if you happen to make this mistake the next time you stop to refuel near Asbury Park. If you have any other questions about vehicle maintenance, turn to the team at Acura of Ocean. Contact us at your convenience. We would be glad to assist you. 

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