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How to Check Coolant Levels

Coolant is an essential component of your engine’s healthy and optimal function on Ocean roads. Perhaps you’re more familiar with anti-freeze, which is a part of your engine’s overall coolant mixture. As the names imply, coolant with its antifreeze properties lowers the freezing point of the liquids circulating throughout your engine so it can operate properly through whatever conditions you encounter in Red Bank and beyond. In the following guide, our Acura of Ocean service center will share more about what is coolant as well as how to check coolant levels in your car!

What is Coolant?

As mentioned above, coolant is a 50-50 mixture of antifreeze and water that helps your engine regulate a healthy operating temperature. It prevents the liquids in your engine from freezing or boiling. If your vehicle sits idle in cold temperatures, coolant prevents it from freezing. Conversely, as your engine works hard, it produces serious heat. As the coolant circulates, it prevents the liquids from boiling as a result of the heat produced by running your engine. This two-pronged function means your coolant quality and levels are absolutely vital to your vehicle’s optimal function! Coolant is typically bright pink, blue, green, yellow, or red.

How to Check Coolant Level in Your Vehicle

Reference your owner’s manual to locate where your coolant reservoir is located under the hood of your car. When it comes to how to check coolant levels and quality— a visual test is all it takes. Pop the hood and find the minimum and maximum coolant level indicators on the reservoir. If your coolant level is below the minimum or above the maximum, this should be adjusted.

In addition to knowing how to check coolant levels, you’ll also want to inspect the quality of the coolant. It should be changed if you notice:

  • A sludgy appearance to the liquid
  • A brownish coloring rather than its original vibrant color
  • The liquid is now completely colorless

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