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Acura Battery Maintenance 

The battery on your vehicle not only helps your engine start but also powers the increasing number of electrical components in your average vehicle. In other words, the modern car battery is very busy these days! At Acura of Ocean, Ocean drivers often come to the experts at our service center for advice on battery maintenance. Below, we cover the basics you need to know about Acura battery maintenance, Acura battery warranty, and more, so keep reading!

Acura Battery Maintenance: Basics of Battery Care

Whether you’re a Red Bank commuter or someone who uses a vehicle for big road trips outside of Freehold, there’s good reason to carry out some basic battery maintenance steps.

  • Electronics and Lights Off! This commonly-known factor in battery life is always worth mentioning. Make sure you’ve turned off your lights and you’re not using electronics when your vehicle is in idle to prevent “parasitic” drain on your battery.
  • Cleaning: Corrosion is bound to happen, but this common issue is solvable by thoroughly cleaning the battery terminal and cable connections. You can do this at home!
  • Extreme Heat or Cold: Temperatures above 100 degrees fahrenheit or very cold temperatures can rattle your battery.

These steps are among many you can take to assure your Acura parts stay in tip-top shape. Check out more service tips and tricks and ways to stay on your maintenance schedule online.

Acura Replacement Battery

Aside from the battery covered on your new Acura battery warranty, a replacement battery is covered by a 100-month (8 years and 4 months) limited warranty. If your current Acura battery warranty doesn’t cover the labor, battery replacement is still an option at home, as long as you have the right equipment and safety protocols in mind.

  • Wear the right equipment like safety goggles or insulated work gloves and take off any metal jewelry.
  • Find the right tools like pliers and wrenches.
  • Find Acura parts at a parts center stocked with OEM parts for your Acura replacement battery and more.

Get Acura Parts Tips and more through Acura of Ocean

If you’re interested in car parts and maintenance, you can check out more parts tips and tricks with Acura of Ocean. We’re dedicated to helping drivers from Ocean to Asbury Park keep their vehicles in great shape with other services like oil changes, tire rotations, coolant level checks, engine light checksradio codesand more. You can even order parts such as an Acura replacement battery through us! Please get in touch with us with all of your Acura-related questions!

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